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Fresh Starts and Fractals - May 22, 2017

If I could choose one image to describe my thought process regarding Andrew's Weather Center over the past several months, it would be a fractal. You know, a fractal, or more simply a fractal tree that perpetually continues by replicating its own structure in increasingly smaller increments.

In other words, I have had one idea that sits around for a while, only to lead to the genesis of two more, which lends to potential sub-ideas, and onward. The issue arises when you get your creative juices flowing and you end up with too great an amount of ideas and tasks that you long to accomplish. In addition, when you are at the helm of your own brainchild, namely Andrew's Weather Center, formatting blocks of texts, choosing color schemes, or other creative touches can prove quite overwhelming. I am seemingly never satisfied with the way the website works, but I guess that is a blessing in disguise. 
A fractal tree

I like the analog of a fractal tree, because my creative process, albeit tedious and intricate, still enhances the website experience and nets positive progress. If I try out an idea or add a new page, I get a chance to test it out and find out what works and what does not. Growth is still occurring among the adoption and elimination of new website designs. 

With all of that being said, there is nothing better than a fresh start. So, per usual, I have completely re-designed this web experience and am trying out this format. Hopefully this iteration of Andrew's Weather Center online will see a longer lifespan than previous versions. 

I have added a Navigation Grid that serves as the main navigation mechanism to specialty or topic-focused pages, while keeping Useful Links and Scales & Tables at the forefront. Also, notice the new Research & Development page which will feature some soft analysis of some of the surveys created in the past to go along with some applied meteorological ideas that I have harbored for some time.

If you have any questions about navigating the website or finding certain information, do not hesitate to email me at, or message me on Facebook or Twitter.