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Research & Development

Andrew's Weather Center goes beyond surface-level meteorological communication and acting only as a channel for pertinent emergency weather information. The purpose of this website is twofold: to act as a store for valuable information worth sharing, and to provide a space for sharing, exchanging, and critiquing information or ideas. In particular, this page highlights some research ongoing behind-the-scenes and acts as a collaborative space to share ideas. For now, content may be limited. As more ideas come to fruition and more collaborators make their voices known here, this page will gain more content.

Some ideas, unexplored topics, or ideas in need of innovation are listed below:

  • Meteorological communications for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Meteorological communications for the colorblind, blind, or visually imparied
  • Reclassification of the Saffir-Simpson scale for measuring Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclones
  • Magnetic propulsion as an alternative energy source
  • Atmospheric moisture content as an alternative energy source
  • More rigorous geography education during developmental years
  • Atmospheric acoustics - on the relationship between sound, temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Harnessing lightning's power
  • Ice physics in clouds - invoking the Bergeron process
  • Composting as a source of alternative energy
  • Mass energy
  • Pitfalls and caveats in intensity and precipitation forecasts
  • Soil moisture's impact on evapotranspiration

To be continued...