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Research, one of the four corners of Andrew's Weather Center, is the most time-intensive and uses the most resources of any of the other four corners. Without research and taking time to investiage applications of the weather, forecast improvements, and further explorations into various sub-disicplines of meteorology, the science will not advance and becomes stale to the end-user. This is the central page for all things research at AWC. The links below lead to a plethora of cases of taking a problem, addressing the causes to the problem, proposing solutions, and exploring the feasibility of the solutions and digging deeper.


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Case No. Research Topic
I Meteorological Record Vulnerability Index
II Should Restructuring the Saffir-Simpson Scale be Considered?
III Switching back to Celsius - How much Time, Money, and Resources?
IV Analysis of Perception of Weather Using Twitter as a Proxy
V Atmospheric Acoustics
VI FROPA Frequency in North Carolina
VII Identifying True Individuality in Weather Occurrences/Perfect Climatology
VIII Meteorological Communication for English as a Second of Foreign Language
IX Analysis of some Flora and Fauna's Premature Reaction to Significant Weather
X Increasing Rigor of Geography Education during Developmental Years
XI Women in Meteorology
XII Meteorological Communication for the Colorbind, Blind, or Otherwise Visually Impaired
XIII Petrichor
XIV Psychometeorology
XV Meteorological Communication for the Deaf
XVI Meteorology Folklore and Prediction from Other Philosophical Disciplines
XVII Severe Weather Protocol for Public or Private Facilities with Immobile Inhabitants
XVIII National Governing Bodies of Meteorology Communication and Research
XIX Percentage of the Hydrosphere Contained within North Carolina
XX UV Index Analysis
XXI Pitfalls and Caveats in Precipitation Intensity and Amount Forecasting
Research topics will continue to populate in the coming months and this page will grow as each existing topic document is linked within the table below.

More to come soon!